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Let’s start with looking at the advantages first:

  1. Higher frame rates The higher the Hz, the faster a monitor can display a frame. This comes down to the definition of ‘FPS’ – do we talk about Hz or FPS? It should be both as one is influencing the other.
  2. Less motion blur Mathematically it is possible to achieve the same visual quality at lower Hz – as long as input lag is not affected, which may or may not be a problem. This can be achieved with technologies like G-Sync and Freesync.
  3. Better picture quality Generally the technology becomes more mature over time and newer models have fewer drawbacks compared to older models.
  4. More responsive In general, the input lag is lower as well, which means you can play at a higher level as this allows for faster reactions and less added delay in your aim/action.
  5. You don’t have to upgrade So there’s that discussion – should one upgrade to a higher Hz screen when an old card can’t do the job anymore? In most cases, assuming that your PC runs smoothly with a lower Hz monitor – probably not. But in most cases, you’ll want to move on eventually and get a higher-res screen at some point.
  6. Cheaper Some models are cheaper than their counterparts because they use older technology or lack some specific feature (like G-Sync).
  7. Higher resolution This point comes up when people say that a higher Hz monitor will be more useful when games get better and more demanding on hardware – probably true, but only in the long term – it’s an investment for longer than your average GPU upgrade.
  8. More light output An LCD monitor doesn’t just depend on the panel’s native resolution and refresh rate, but also on its max brightness. So if you own a 144Hz monitor with a high brightness level (which is usually needed for a good picture), this means you can play under brighter conditions compared to a 60Hz model where brightness starts at lower settings because of the higher refresh rate.

There are disadvantages, too:

  1. Higher input lag This technically may or may not be a problem for you, If the FPS drops below the monitor’s refresh rate (e.g. in very heavy scenes) you’ll notice an effect called ‘motion blur. This effect is caused by pixels not switching to the desired state fast enough (e.g. pixel blue -> green). The bigger the FPS drop, the more noticeable this effect becomes, so it’s important to maintain a high FPS to have little or no motion blur. I’ll talk about solutions below – using technologies like G-Sync and Freesync.
  2. Higher response times This also may or may not be a problem for you, but it can be measured with the same website. Response time is an important factor when talking about motion blur – this number says how fast pixels can change states (blue -> green). The lower this number, the better (with 1ms being optimal but practically impossible to reach without specialized hardware/software). Other factors influence motion blur as well though, like overdrive technology which tries to equalize pixel transition speeds. With IPS panels there’s another effect called ‘IPS glow’ – it appears at darker scenes and results in less perfect blacks compared to VA panels which use more powerful backlight capabilities. Certain brands use different panel types, so keep that in mind as well.
  3. Less light output And if you’re asking why this isn’t on the list of positive effects – there’s a reason for that: it’s due to IPS glow mostly and other factors like LED backlight technology or gamma settings which can greatly influence the amount of light an LCD monitor emits. It doesn’t matter if you have a 2000-4000cd/m² screen with low black levels (VA panels) at 100% brightness, because it only becomes apparent at certain scenes where blacks are darker than what your backlight is capable of emitting. This is rather specific to every model out there though, so you’d need to research more to find up relevant info. TL;DR: Higher Hz screens don’t make your games run better, but they do provide a level of responsiveness and picture quality (accuracy) that can be useful at certain moments. It’s not like everything will look better on them – it depends on the game as well as other factors. You may want to consider switching or you may not, but if you do.
    Reference chart for common screen specs

When looking for a new monitor it’s nice to have some reference points for features one is mostly interested in – so let’s see what typical resolutions mean for refresh rates, panel types, and brightness levels. Please note that this information is approximate – there are always differences between individual units.

What is A 144hz Monitor?

Simply put, a 144 Hz monitor (or sometimes called ‘gaming monitor’) provides smoother graphics thanks to its higher refresh rate which is twice as much as normal monitors. You will need this kind of smoothness if you want to achieve it fully in competitive games like CS: GO, Overwatch, and League of Legends as smoothness provides a competitive edge.

How Much Do I Need To Spend for 144hz monitor?

Some cheap 144hz monitors from China have been popping up all over the place with great reviews, but they’re just that… Cheap knock-offs. If you want to be sure your money is well spent on real deals here are some tips: Don’t go for advertised ‘refresh rates’. That’s just marketing crap. The actual refresh rate should be listed in the monitor specs somewhere usually in the technical specifications section. If it says anything about ‘Dynamic Refresh’ or something similar, don’t buy it unless it has a real refresh rate of 144hz. A quick Google search can reveal whether you’re dealing with reputable sellers who stand by their products or shady companies that don’t care about quality control. Check user reviews on Amazon or NewEgg, not just for this product but for other things people say about the seller in general.

Some standard features may be missing from your monitor depending on your budget so here are some things to consider: Anti-glare coating – If you game in a brightly lit room, it will reflect quite badly so the anti-glare coating is recommended DisplayPort cable – This cable provides high video bandwidth output and if you want to get the best quality/framerate possible then this is a must. Otherwise, HDMI can be used as well Refresh rate – This is something you need to look out for especially if you’re aiming for competitive play. Any monitor with advertised ‘Dynamic Refresh’ or similar should be avoided like the plague Coating (anti-reflective) – If your room has a lot of sunlight shining through your window, the anti-reflective coating will make it easier on your eyes and help reduce glare Response time – If you play fast-paced FPS games then you’ll want the lowest response time possible otherwise ghosting may occur

The monitor is the window to the world of your games, and if this ‘world’ looks bad then it can ruin all that hard work you put into the said game! If you’re truly passionate about FPS games, a fast response time is a must because any lag or ghosting can make a fair few frames a difference between winning and losing – trust me I know :). Here are some quick tips: Contrast – Higher contrast means darker blacks and brighter whites which means better distinction as well as more vibrant colors so they pop out more Anti-glare coating – This is a lifesaver if you game in a brightly lit room as it reduces the glare from light sources Response time – Basically how fast your monitor can change/refresh one image for the next, but to save you some reading I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that 1ms or lower response times are pretty much essential for competitive play Coating (anti-reflective) – If your room has a lot of sunlight shining through your window then the anti-reflective coating will make it easier on your eyes Contrast ratio – The higher contrast ratio means darker blacks and brighter whites which means better distinction, as well as more vibrant colors, Refresh rate – A standard 60hz refresh rate is okay for gaming, but 144hz or 240hz+ is ideal if you want the best of the best

So you have a great rig for gaming, but what about your peripherals? Well, you’re going to need a decent monitor of course… Oh and I guess a decent mouse and keyboard would be nice too 😀 So here are some quick tips that will help if you don’t want to read it all: Resolution – Widescreen is better for gaming so 1080p is very popular right now Refresh rate – A standard 60hz refresh rate is okay for gaming, but 144hz or 240hz+ is ideal Response time – Basically, how fast your monitor can change/refresh one image for the next, but save you some reading I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that 1ms or lower response times are pretty much essential for competitive play Contrast ratio – The higher contrast ratio means darker blacks and brighter whites which means better distinction as well as more vibrant colors Coating (anti-reflective) – If your room has a lot of sunlight shining through your window then the anti-reflective coating will make it easier on your eyes

So if you’re looking for tips on how to get better at COD, LoL or CSGO, etc… then this is the perfect article for you 🙂 Let’s talk about reaction times first… The average reaction time of an eye is roughly 200 milliseconds (0.2 seconds) to react, so any profession that requires very quick reactions benefits from having a low latency monitor. For example, if you play LoL then you’ll probably need at least a 4ms response time which isn’t difficult to find these days as most are sub 1ms… So let’s go back to the average reaction times of 0.2 seconds… Yep! It means if you have a good-quality 10ms monitor your opponents will have an extra 0.2 seconds compared to you…

Now let’s talk about frame rates… 144hz monitors are now standard for competitive players because they allow for higher FPS (Frames Per Second) which means you get more images on your screen per second (60 images/sec v.s 120 images/sec)… And while this might not mean much to the average gamer, it’s huge for competitive gamers because it allows them to notice smaller things like their opponent changing direction or if they see an object that can be interacted with, etc… I think you get the idea 🙂

Let’s discuss monitors that are good for gaming now… If you just want a decent monitor then go for a 1080p IPS panel monitor with decent response time and at least 60hz refresh rate, the important thing here is just making sure its IPS so try to avoid TN panels unless they use something called “overdrive” which overdrives the pixels to give you a response time of 1ms (but it can affect image quality sometimes). If IPS isn’t that important then go for a 1080p TN panel monitor with a low response time and high refresh rate… But make sure it’s at least 144hz.
How Does The Razer Firefly Feel?

The Razer Firefly is very soft and smooth, so much so that you barely feel your mouse moving on it as it is moving effortlessly across the table. There’s a reason why it goes through such an extensive design process to make sure the surface has the perfect texture and because of this performance, you’ll never need to worry about replacing your Razer Firefly for a long time… It just works perfectly. I would say it’s one of those products that will be passed down from generation to generation simply because they work that well 🙂

One issue however is that sometimes bits of dust can get stuck underneath or inside the cloth weave but don’t worry, it’s really easy to clean… Just grab some compressed air and blow around the edges of it or simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

What Features Does The Razer Firefly Have?

The Razer Firefly is packed with features that are both useful and fun, they include:

Chroma Lighting This lighting system gives the Razer Firefly plenty of character as you can choose from 16.8 million color options plus an option to use effects like “breathing” or “spectrum cycling”. You don’t need to link up your mouse mat to your PC for this feature to work either because it’s all controlled via the USB cable plugged into your mouse mat itself… And just so you know; if you have another Chroma-enabled device then they will automatically sync together! 10 Key Pad

Unlike other mouse mats on the market, this one comes with a keypad that you can program to your liking. It’s made out of rubber but it feels durable and the buttons are nice and solid when pressed. The good thing about having this is that you can map nearly any in-game command onto it or even use them to switch applications…
Another feature I love is the “wrist rest” which makes using the mat itself feel more comfortable when in long gaming sessions. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to… But in my opinion not using it increases fatigue over time because your wrist isn’t locked in place so it is recommended!

You can pick up the Razer Firefly from Amazon for around $60, it is a little bit on the expensive side but it’s worth it. In my opinion, the sheer amount of features and performance you get makes this a worthy expense!

Corsair – Gaming MM800 RGB POLARIS CUE Software has made huge advances in recent times with regards to how we interact with our PCs… For example, you’ve got things like Windows Hello which lets you log into your PC via facial recognition as well as Cortana which listens to voice commands and does what she’s told 🙂 However, the same cannot be said about peripherals such as mice and keyboards… This means that there hasn’t been much advancement in this area so it’s fair to say that we all have a pretty similar setup.

Different manufacturers have tried making their products stand out by changing the colors, adding more features, and even going back to basics with what used to be considered normal… But I think Corsair may just have taken its product the farthest by upping the game entirely with methods like “RGB lighting” which can now be controlled via software on your PC!

Before I talk about the actual mouse mat itself let me tell you about some of the features that are packed into this tiny little thing: SMOOTH AND QUICK MOVEMENT Full speed/ No lag / Easy propulsion Non-slip rubber base Advanced surface finishes for highly accurate tracking 10 Key Pad

Like the Razer Firefly before it, this mouse mat has a keypad that you can program to your liking. It’s made out of rubber but it feels durable and the buttons are nice and solid when pressed. The good thing about having this is that you can map nearly any in-game command onto it… So you could have for example “G” be “use grenade” which lets you chuck grenades much faster so it is recommended if games like World of Warcraft are your thing 🙂

You can pick up the Corsair Gaming MM800 Polaris for around $90, now if that sounds expensive then I’m sorry because to me it is worth every penny! However, I would stress that there are cheaper options on the market but none compare to how much



27-INCH DISPLAY: 144Hz refresh rate 1ms MPRT IPS gaming monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and FreeSync Premium for smooth gameplay IMAGE OPTIMIZATION: BenQ HDRi technology, Light Tuner and Black eQualizer help optimize image quality for a better gaming experience SUPERIOR SOUND: with two 2.5 W build-in speaker plus DSP chip, fine tune by treVolo with three custom sound modes Buy Now


  • Plenty of features
  • Colour accurate in sRGB
  • 144Hz refresh rate


  • Not the best for work
  • No USB hub or USB-C

Top Pick


HP X27qc

165 Hz Brand HP Screen size 27 Inches Screen surface description Matte Special feature Height Adjustment, Anti Glare Screen, Blue Light Filter, Curved Number of HDMI Ports 1 Series HP X27qc QHD Gaming Monitor Hardware interface DisplayPort, HDMI, Headphone Buy Now


  • Cracking contrast and brightness
  • Curved 1440p VA panel
  • Great price


  • Lots of ghosting
  • Mildly inaccurate colours
  • No USB hub

Top Pick


LG Ultragear

27″ Fhd (1920 x 1080) IPS display 144Hz refresh rate 1ms Motion Blur Reduction Height/ pivot/ tilt Adjustable stand Radeon Free Sync Dimensions With Stand (WxHxD) 61.468 x 55.88 x 27.432 cm (Up)60.96 x 1 46.482 x 27.432 cm(Down) Buy Now


  • High HDR brightness and contrast with local dimming
  • Luscious 4K NanoIPS panel
  • Fast and blur-free


  • Some backlight leaks and uniformity issues
  • Only 16 edge-lit dimming zones
  • Not a true HDR experience
  • No HDMI 2..1

Top Pick


MSI Optix G271

IPS Panel – Optimize screen colors and brightness to enhance your viewing experience. FHD High Resolution – Game titles will even look better, displaying more details due to the FHD resolution. 144Hz Refresh Rate – Real smooth gaming. 1ms Response Time – Eliminate screen tearing and choppy frame rates. Buy Now


  • Bright and sharp picture
  • Highly saturated color
  • HDMI 2.1 & DisplayPort 1.4/DSC
  • USB-C input
  • Accurate out of the box
  • Top-notch overdrive & video processing
  • Excellent HDR for the money
  • Handy KVM features with lots of USB ports


  • Calibration reduces light output, contrast
  • Native contrast just average
  • No gamma presets

Top Pick


AOC G2490VX 24

24″ class (23.8″ Viewable) AOC Gaming monitor with 1920×1080 Full HD Resolution VA Panel Rapid 1ms response time (MPRT) and 144Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium for ultra-smooth competitive gameplay 3-sided frameless design with ultra-narrow borders for the ultimate seamless multi-monitor setup RE-SPAWNED: 3-year zero-bright-dot, 3-year advance replacement, 1-year (one-time) accidental damage 125.95% sRGB & 92.85% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage for accurate color reproduction and lifelike images 1x DisplayPort,1x HDMI 1.4, and Audio Line-Out for convenience VESA mounting capable for flexible mounting options Buy Now


  • 144hz
  • 1ms
  • Affordable
  • FreeSync
  • Built-in speakers


  • VA panel
  • No adaptive sync

Top Pick

HP X24iH Gaming Monitor

Casuals welcome; Experience action-packed gaming in lifelike quality with the 23.8 Inch diagonal monitor that’s perfect for entry-level players Cable included; A HDMI cable is included in the box so you’re ready to go. Conveniently connect your devices with HDMI and DisplayPort Escape into colour; Stay immersed in your gaming content with an IPS panel that provides ultrawide viewing angles and a more colourful picture Buy Now


  • Accurate and consistent colors
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Quick 1ms GtG response time speed
  • FreeSync up to 144Hz


  • Tilt-only stand
  • IPS glow and inferior contrast ratio to VA panels, as expected from this panel technology
  • Missing some OSD features, such as Black Equalizer, MBR, and gamma presets

Top Pick

Acer Predator FHD XN253Q

The Predator XN3 monitor pushes your gameplay to extreme, fast-paced levels. With its hyper 240 Hz refresh rate, 1 ms response time and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology—the display knows only one level of speed: god-like Full HD 1080 p – the same resolution the pros use. Now this speed-infused display is yours, strapped atop its two-armed, fully ergonomic stand Make frame tears and blur a thing of the past with a refresh rate revving up to 144 Hz and a response time of 1 ms Buy Now


  • Accurate and consistent colors
  • sRGB mode with adjustable brightness
  • Fully ergonomic stand and rich connectivity options
  • Plenty of gaming features including FreeSync and MBR


  • Expensive
  • IPS glow and mediocre contrast ratio (as expected from this panel technology)

Top Pick


AOC Gaming G2590FX

24.5″, feature packed, sleek gaming at 144 Hz intergrated Speakers Gaming features – Shadow control, FreeSync, Gsync compatible Tilt or Vesa mountable 100 x 100 HDMI 1.4 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, VGA Buy Now


  • It comes with various connectivity hardware such as HDMI cable, display port, and VGA input sources
  • It features eye protection technologies such as low Blue mode and flicker-free
  • This AOC monitor has a sturdy build hence you will be using it for a long time.
  •  It is VESA compatible meaning you will not have compatibility issues with a bracket if you want to mount your monitor on the wall


  • The only con of the AOC G2590FX is its tilt-only design which keeps it quite limited in terms of flexibility.

Top Pick

ViewSonic XG2705

IMMERSIVE GAMING: Full HD 1080p resolution, ultra-fast 1ms response time, and amazing 144Hz refresh rate give you the edge in all your gaming quests. AMD FreeSync: Smooth frame rates, effectively eliminating image tearing, stuttering and jerkiness for smooth gameplay. ADVANCED ERGONOMICS: A fully adjustable ergonomic stand, flicker-free technology and blue light filter delivers the comfort you need for marathon gaming sessions. VIBRANT COLOUR: IPS technology, when paired with 144Hz and a 1ms response time, gives gamers the responsiveness they expect and the rich colour they deserve. With wide-angle viewing as an added benefit, it’s perfect for couch co-op, streamer setups and multi-purpose desktop stations. Buy Now


  • Well-Designed and Durable
  • Fast IPS with Blur-Free Performance
  • FreeSync, G-Sync, and 120Hz (PS5 and Xbox Series X) Compatible
  • Excellent Gamut Coverage and Calibrated Accuracy
  • Affordable


  • Limited Connectivity Ports
  • Weak Speakers
  • Uniformity Needs Improvements
  • Mediocre Contrast

Top Pick

LG 34GN850-B

Brand ‎Gosgoly Product Dimensions ‎82.04 x 31.24 x 46.48 cm; 7.6 Kilograms Item model number ‎34GN850-B Standing screen display size ‎34 Inches Screen Resolution ‎3440 x 1440 pixels Resolution ‎3440 x 1440 Are Batteries Included ‎No Item Weight ‎7.6 kg Buy Now


  • Superb response time.
  • Great out-of-the-box color accuracy.
  • Exceptionally low input lag.


  • Sub-par contrast ratio.
  • Poor ergonomics.
Are 144Hz screens getting less expensive?

Picture result for Cheap 144hz Monitor faq
Nonetheless, as of late, the cost of higher invigorate rate screens have dropped and there are presently a significant number modest 144Hz screens accessible.

Is a 144Hz screen worth the effort?

Generally, it merits the additional expense to purchase a gaming screen with a 144Hz revive rate as opposed to 60Hz. Smoother movements, less screen tearing, less ghosting,

How would I pick a 144Hz screen?

From the work area, right snap on the work area itself and select Screen Resolution. Then select Advanced Settings, explore to the screen tab, and pick 144Hz starting from the drop menu

Is 144Hz 1ms great?

To get the best gaming screen execution, reaction times need to bring down comparable to increasing invigorate rates. That is the reason 144Hz boards ought to be as near 1ms as could be expected. For gaming screens

Is AOC a decent screen brand?

The brand has a 50-year history, and they are referred to in Europe and Asia as one of the more dependable screen brands accessible at this point. The organization has reliably delivered top notch items and has fulfilled organizations,

Is 144hz really great for eyes?

A higher revive rate implies a smoother-looking screen that is more straightforward on the eyes. In this way, assuming you’re attempting to facilitate your eye fatigue, a revive pace of 120 Hz is ideal.

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